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Historical Abuse, Acknowledgement and Accountability, Scotland


Dear True Victim-survivor, Practitioner, MP and MSP,

To-date eight ex-employees from former children's care homes, Quarriers Homes, have been convicted in the Scottish Courts of abusing children in the organisation's past care. No other care home in the UK has had as many ex-employees convicted, and yet there has been no judicial public enquiry into this scandal.

We are the True Victim-Survivors of this institutional and historical abuse and we call for Justice, Accountability, Acknowledgement, Restitution, and Reparation for all victim-survivors of past crimes committed against children in former institutions in Scotland.

However, an unjust and inequitable law currently operating in Scotland means that unless a case is brought three years after an allegation is made there is a Timebar on any form of reparation for the victims.

Given that we are the victims, we demand the right to self-determination and the right to represent our own issues in Scotland. We feel we are currently being prevented from doing so.

The National Reference Group, who oversee implementation of the national strategy for survivors of abuse are purporting to represent our issues in public and at conferences. We believe our issues concerning Quarriers Homes are not the NRG's issues, and to us it is misleading for them to claim otherwise. Such individuals were never in the past care of Quarriers Homes nor abused in Quarriers Homes nor elected by us to represent us.

Many True Victim-Survivors continue to be excluded by Scottish government-led processes that are not fully transparent or accountable to public scrutiny. The majority view of these True Victim-Survivors is being distorted in public by those claiming to represent our issues in Scotland.

We ask all Quarriers Homes True Victim-survivors and all others abused in-care in the past Scottish institutions to engage fully with the processes and contribute to ensure their voices are heard.

The True victim-survivors of such historical abuse would also kindly request the Scottish Institute for Residential Child Care (SIRCC), who are undertaking research into the form an Accountability and Acknowledgement forum might take, to ensure equal, independent and equitable representation of all opinions in all processes, pilots and historical abuse conferences going forward in Scotland.

The SIRCC have set up an Advisory Board in relation to the A&A processes. We request that their deliberations and findings are published in full and available for public scrutiny.

To everybody involved in seeking an equitable resolution, including the Chief Executive of Quarriers Charity, Mr Phil Robinson, we THE VICTIMS issue this further public invitation to you, to meet and engage with your own victims, to seek an equitable and charitable way forward which does not inflict further pain or damage on those who were abused in the organisation's past care.

To the Quarriers Homes abusers convicted in the Scottish Courts: there are Victims abused by you who are prepared to reach out and extend the hand of reconciliation, compassion and forgiveness.

To view all the FBGA proposals and plans for Acknowledgement and Accountability and our calls for a Judicial Inquiry submitted to the Scottish Government and the Scottish Human Rights Commission and any related historical abuse issues please visit our website at:


FBGA, Press release - 23/11/2009